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2017 Conference Speakers

The Lineup Keeps On Growing


In addition to Featured Presenters Jack Raznicki, Vincent Musi and Steven Gladstone, our two-day lineup already includes:


Elia Locardi, Travel and Landscape Photogarpher: Explore The World 

Location independent since March of 2012, Elia and his wife live a 100% mobile lifestyle, perpetually traveling from country to country, continuously circling the globe. Since he began traveling full-time in 2009, he has visited more than 55 countries, flown over one million miles, and collaborated with major companies, brands, countries, and tourism agencies all over the world. As featured by Professional Photographer Magazine, CNet Australia, Wacom USA, and Fstoppers, Elia has built an engaged social media following of nearly 3 million people. He has become one of the most followed photographers in the world. 


Callie Shell: Editorial Photographer, covering the Political Landscape for more than 25 years 

Callie is a contract photographer for Time magazine. Previously she spent eight years at the White House as the official photographer for Vice President Al Gore. More than any other photographer, Shell was able to capture the private side of candidate Obama, behind the scenes and unguarded.  Callie Shell 


Patti Schumann: Creative Response in Today’s Marketplace 

Widely-respected artist representative Patti Schumann from Schumann & Company has cracked open the hard drive and will present winning (and losing) treatments from some of the best photographers on the planet—including those who have overcome the “location barrier” of being based in a smaller market. In this workshop, Patti will identify the key ingredients of a superior creative treatment response and highlight some of the common mistakes and pitfalls to avoid. Make sure to attend this event and gain insight from one of the industry’s top leaders. 

Mark Green: Just Say Yes: Adding a video component to your existing still photography business 

Mark is an award winning, corporate/industrial photographer formerly based in Houston, TX for over three decades. In the early 2000’s he added video to his offerings, and it opened a new avenue of creativity and revenue. He realized that many of the same approaches and procedures were shared by both disciplines. But understanding key differences, and more importantly using collaborators effectively can take a lot the fear and hesitancy out of saying “Yes” when a client asks “Do you do video as well?”  Note: this presentation is not about technique, although there will be some of that. It will primarily focus on the business and project management side of incorporating motion into your business model.


Mark is currently national board member of ASMP, and has recently relocated to the Southeast and continues to pursue his craft as a working professional image creator, but has changed his focus to more landscape and nature, as well as continuing to service his corporate clients. He is currently producing a year long video project about the pulse of life in Big Canoe, GA. 


Director/Producer Denise McGill - Gullah Gone: Behind the Scenes in Documentary Filmmaking

McGill is a photojournalist with a focus on migration, faith and multicultural issues. From small-town newspapers to international magazines, McGill has covered assignments small and large on four continents. Now McGill is associate professor of visual communications at the University of South Carolina.


Currently McGill is making her first documentary film Gullah Gone: Preserving the Land, Water and Culture of the Sea Islands. This work in progress follows a community of African-American farmers and fishermen in South Carolina.


McGill will show excerpts from her film about a gorgeous, near-extinct pocket of southern culture. To make this film, she’s had a crash course in fundraising, managing a film crew, pitching to television and navigating the film festival circuit. She’s learned that still photographers have strengths often overlooked by traditional filmmakers. She’s maximized skills that have served her well throughout her journalism career: building rapport with subjects; minimal interference from the storyteller; and filming for visual impact. 


The result is a project that has received attention for its engaging characters and sweeping scenery.  It will run on PBS in 2018. Get a sneak peek here:


Agency Access - Jennifer Kilberg & Karen D'Silva:
VISION- The Ingredient for Standing Out in The Creative Market Place 

To make it in today’s market, still and motion photographers must understand their visual voice and communicate it clearly. This visually rich seminar will show you what a vision based portfolio/online gallery looks like, and how to develop and produce your own cohesive body of work. Learn how to clearly convey your unique vision through a well-branded, unified portfolio of imagery that will attract the clients you want! 

Kilberg’s ability to recognize a client’s needs and find a clear path to success is one of the many intangibles that she provides. With eighteen years’ experience in the industry as a buyer and photo editor to name a few, she provides a unique insight and remains a source of inspiration to her loyal (and growing) client base. 

D’Silva is one of today’s most influential creatives. She has made a career out of deciphering the commercial photography industry, starting in the stock world as an Editor, Art Director, and finally Creative Director for Photonica. Today, Karen brings her unique talents to Agency Access as a Consultant and lecturer.


The Civil Rights Photography of Cecil Williams
Travel back in time with famed photographer Cecil Williams as he speaks about his decades-long career documenting civil rights events in South Carolina. As depicted in “Unforgettable,” his newly released large-format publication, this will be an inspirational and historical look at the social movement which is at the core of Williams’ photojournalistic presentation. From the desegregation of Clemson University to the Orangeburg Massacre, Williams’ historical collection contains almost 250,000 images of African-American culture, heritage, and social  activism. In addition to Williams’ historical collection, which is one of the largest in the world, Williams  is an inventor, author, publisher, and architect of six residences.